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It's time to get a Smart Start 

Meet Vickie Helm
CEO, Smart Group Firm
Bestselling Author
International Speaker
For more than 20 years, Business and Digital Asset Strategist Vickie Helm has been showing people how to create wealth and build the life of their dreams. She has created 11 successful businesses and authored 23 bestselling books.

Vickie is the go-to business and wealth expert. She knows what motivates, drives, and inspires people. She brings her critical insights to international audiences and helps them navigate future obstacles with her proven systems for creating wealth in harmony with meaning and purpose.
 It's your turn! This is a game changer so take action NOW! It's time to take control of your future!
My Story Goes Like This...
When I worked for a company, I couldn't save enough money for retirement. Like everyone else, I was living paycheck to paycheck and knew I wanted a different life. I wanted to be my own boss! I wanted to make a difference in the world! I began my journey by looking to start a business from home. 

During my research, I learned about the "business in a box" that all of the gurus were selling. They promised earnings "out of this world", but none of them gave me the complete process to be successful. You've probably sat in a hotel banquet room or two yourself. I took course after course, attempting to expand my knowledge base. I knew I had to work online, but I was missing something. My first attempts to work online were complete failures. 

I tried their methods, my methods, and a mixture of both. Nothing seemed to work! I was super frustrated and ready to give up. One day, while studying a guru's course, I figured out what I was doing wrong!

From that point forward, it was "game on". I even did an experiment to test my business theory with no money. I had to go to the library every day to use the internet an hour at a time. I made $500 that first month! Then I started making more money monthly than I made all year at my accounting job! I knew from that day on I would never have to worry about how to make money again.
discovered a little known secret! I cracked the code to making money by leveraging what I already knew. The wealthy use leverage as their most valuable tool! I learned this secret from a multi-millionaire and it allowed me to create seven figure incomes ever since. 
You Are Why I Created....
Smart Start Strategies!!!
Smart Start Strategies is designed to help you determine the next steps 
in using your expertise, knowledge, and life experiences.
Complete Package of Video Training and Tools 
 "I have learned so much and feel more confident about what I am going to start for 2019. 
The Smart Start work book started off as a guide book for me to learn from, but 
now I need this as a reference book. "

M. Tribe - Colorado

Smart Start Strategies
Ready, Set, Let's Go!
Smart Start Training 
Are you ready to start your new business and make sure you are creating the right business at the right time? There are so many factors to consider and the wisdom of successful business owners is critical. This Three-Module Program (12 Videos) includes, from beginning to end, all of the required research and all of the information needed to take the first steps to creating your new online business. Module One helps you discover your strengths and how to apply them to create a Smart Start. Module Two uncovers and assesses your core wealth-building skills and the best type of business to start based on these skills. Module Three wraps up with the next steps to take in order to launch your business successfully.
Smart Start Workbook
Smart Start Strategies Companion Workbook will support the video modules. The step-by-step worksheets will help you customize a plan to monetize your work and life experiences. Completing the exercises will help you evaluate the best assets to monetize. The workbook also includes a simple and effective Assessment of unique skills, expertise, and life experiences that will assist in formulating your game plan.

Smart Interview - Top Future Businesses
Business and Digital Asset Strategist Vickie Helm will provide her insights into the trending businesses of the future in this Exclusive Interview! Learn why these businesses are the best for people in our age group. We are the ones that have the knowledge and experience to capitalize on this growing trend. Vickie has over 20 years of experience helping business owners turn their struggling businesses into home runs. This is an interview you won't want to miss!
Bonus #1:  Smart Start Rolodex
Your Smart Start Rolodex
Use OUR Rolodex of Key Resources to build your business the Smart way! These are the companies, apps and software that we use to build and run our business. This valuable resource will save you time, energy and money. We have compiled this critical collection of resources to give you a Smart Start. 
Bonus #2:  Smart Start Product Creator
Create Your First Product
After all of the learning from the modules, this is the exciting part. This is your guide to creating your first Smart Start Product! You will be given simple instructions on how to research what your market wants and create a product they will be excited to use and implement.
Bonus #3:  Smart Start Checklist
Check Your Progress
This checklist will make sure you have completed all of the necessary steps to getting your new business off of the ground.  Track your progress as you follow along with the modules and bonus material. We want to ensure you have your best Smart Start.
Bonus #4:  Access To Facebook Family
Join Us!
We have created a group that we know you will love! We are a group of active and vibrant people over the age of 50 who want more out of life. We share tips, techniques, support and encouragement. We hope you will join us today, as we cover the information and topics important to our generation.

This Program Is Not Just A Self-Study Video Program.
We Provide You With Essential Secrets For A Smart Start. 
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
I 100% Guarantee That You Will Love The SMART START STRATEGIES© Program.
If In The First 7 Days, You Go Through The Program And It Doesn't
 Help You Create Your Outline To Monetize Your Life Experiences,
I Will Refund Your Money. No Questions Asked.
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With the economy in constant flux, don't wait until your J-O-B is in jeopardy. Take control of your future NOW! 

To Your Success,
Vickie Helm
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  •  Smart Interview On Top Future Businesses ($497 Value)
  •  Bonus #1:  Smart Start Rolodex ($697 Value)
  •  Bonus #2:  Smart Start Product Creator ($297 Value)
  •  Bonus #3:  Smart Start Checklist ($27 Value)
  •  Bonus #4:  Access To Smart Over 50 Family (Priceless)
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